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[Tender Reference No.] LBOTNY-2019-08-13-3
[No. of Times of Publication] 01
[Procuring Entity] Land Bank of Taiwan, New York Branch
[Address of Procuring Entity] 100 Wall Street, 14 Fl., New York, NY 10005, USA
[Subject of the Procurement] Audit the compliance of LBOTNY NYCRR Part 500
[Service category] 866
[Supplementary description] No
[Value of Procurement] NTD750,000
[Basis of Procurement] Article 23 of Government Procurement Act (GPA)
[This is based on Article 99 of GPA] No
[This is a Special Procurement] No
[This is an Inter-Entity Supply Contract] No
[Will Electronic Tender Document be acquired on the Internet] No
[Will Electronic tendering be accepted] No
[Status of Tendering] First open tendering
[Contact Person] General Affairs Department
[Tel. No.] 917-542-0214
[Fax No.] 917-542-0288
[Tender Document Fee and Mode of Payment] No Charge
[Address for Obtaining Tender Document] 100 Wall Street, 14 Fl., New York, NY 10005, USA
[Time-limit for Receipt of Tenders] 08/19/2019 17:00
[Will Negotiation method be used] No
[Date of Tender Opening] 08/19/2019 17:30
[Venue of Tender Opening] Conference Room of the Branch
[Languages in which Tenders can be drawn up] English or Chinese
[Place of Performance] Taipei, Taiwan
[Reserved contracts] No
[Venue of Receipt of Tenders] As in Procuring Entity
[Tender Deposit] No
[Awarding Criteria] A tender whose tender meets the requirement set forth in the tender documentation and is the lowest tender within the estimated value shall be awarded.
[This is conducted by guideline for procurement of services with different qualities] No
[This is subsidized by central government] No
[Question about the content of the tender] Please refer to the Procuring Entity.
[Summary of the Qualification requirements]
(1) Participation is open to companies that have auditing or consulting experience for financial institutions in the respects NYCRR Part 500.
(2) Professional certification of auditors may be requested.
[Additional Description)] N/A

Tender Notice 917-542-0222
Listing Type : 其它
Item Type : 商品
Location : Manhattan
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