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Bill Qin Provides Real Estate & Home Mortgage Services

In a market like bay area, choosing a right real estate and loan agent will make all the difference. Bill Qin team are the real estate and loan agents you are looking for! We are knowledgeable real estate professionals, have a good sense of the bay area market. The licenses team have obtained include Realtor license, contractor license, appraiser license, loan agent license as well as residential design certificate.  With our extensive background in real estate industry, we guarantees we will listen to what you want and then put 150% effort into making it happen.

在湾区的房地产市场中,选择一个合适的房地产经纪可让你受益匪浅。Bill Qin 团队就是您正在寻找的房地产经纪。我们是位全职,房地产知识丰富且专业的房地产经纪。对市场长期有比较准确的判断。团队目前拥有加州地产,贷款, 估价和工程等多项执照,这在湾区的房地产经纪中并不多见。凭借他丰富全面的房地产知识,在与您的合作过程中,我们将付出150%的努力帮助您。

媒体报导:秦由棕(Bill Qin)的三字真言四道金牌 抢房诀窍稳准狠(1)

媒体报导:秦由棕(Bill Qin)的三字真言四道金牌 抢房诀窍稳准狠(2)


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