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[Tender Reference No.] LBOTNY-2019-08-13-2019
[No. of Times of Publication] 01
[Procuring Entity] Land Bank of Taiwan, New York Branch
[Address of Procuring Entity] 100 Wall Street, 14 Fl., New York, NY 10005, USA
[Subject of the Procurement] Advise our bank to revise “Vendor Management Policy”
[Service category] 866
[Supplementary description] No
[Value of Procurement] US$60,000
[Basis of Procurement] Article 23 of Government Procurement Act (GPA)
[This is based on Article 99 of GPA] No
[This is a Special Procurement] No
[This is an Inter-Entity Supply Contract] No
[Will Electronic Tender Document be acquired on the Internet] No
[Will Electronic tendering be accepted] No
[Status of Tendering] First open tendering
[Contact Person] General Affairs Department
[Tel. No.] 917-542-0214
[Fax No.] 917-542-0288
[Tender Document Fee and Mode of Payment] No Charge
[Address for Obtaining Tender Document] 100 Wall Street, 14 Fl., New York, NY 10005, USA
[Time-limit for Receipt of Tenders] 08/26/2019 17:00
[Will Negotiation method be used]No
[Date of Tender Opening] 08/26/2019 17:30
[Venue of Tender Opening] Conference Room of the Branch
[Languages in which Tenders can be drawn up] English
[Place of Performance] USA
[Reserved contracts] No
[Venue of Receipt of Tenders] As in Procuring Entity
[Tender Deposit] No
[Awarding Criteria] A tender whose tender meets the requirement set forth in the tender documentation and is the lowest tender within the estimated value shall be awarded.
[This is conducted by guideline for procurement of services with different qualities] No
[This is subsidized by central government] No
[Question about the content of the tender] Please refer to the Procuring Entity.
[Summary of the Qualification requirements]
(1) Participation is open to companies that have Vendor Management Policy advisory and enhancement experience for foreign wholesale financial institutions in the NY State.
(2) Professional credentials may be requested.
(3) Participation should be located in USA.
[Additional Description)] N/A

Tender Notice 917-542-0222
Listing Type : 其它
Item Type : 商品
Location : Manhattan
A fen
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