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[Tender Reference No.] 111-18
[Subject of the Procurement] 2023 Employee Benefits Insurance (Medical, Dental)
[Procuring Entity] Bank of Taiwan, New York Branch
[Contact Person] Procurement Department
[Tel. No.] 212-968-8128                
[Time-limit for Receipt of Tenders] 2/6/2023 5:00 PM EST
[Date of Tender Opening] 2/6/2023 05:30 PM EST
[Summary of the Qualification requirements]
(1) Participation is open to certified insurance companies and brokers which are qualified by New York State and Federal Laws to provide the subject insurance in the state of New York. Qualification documents should be presented when submitting the tender.
(2) The procuring entity may instruct the tenderer to provide the original copy of the qualification documents within a specified time period for verification, if necessary. If the tenderer fails to comply with the instruction, the verification shows that the photocopy does not match the original, or there is other evidence showing that the qualification document provided by the tender is false or untrue, the tender’s qualification shall then be invalidated in accordance with Article 50 of the GPA.
[Additional Description]
Tenderer is required to provide due diligence documents specified by the procuring entity. The relevant due diligence documents may include cybersecurity related policies and procedures, company profile, company registration certificate, business contingency plan, and overall disaster recovery plan, etc.

Other details please refer to Bank of Taiwan website: news/business announcement

Tender Notice
Item Type : 商品
Location : Manhattan
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