Williams Hortor Law and Mediation / 威廉姆斯·霍托尔 法律与调解律师行 Roydon Rd, Stanstead Abbotts, Ware SG12 8HG, UK
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Williams Hortor Law and Mediation

 威廉姆斯·霍托尔 法律与调解律师行,法律事务专家

法律服务专长 Legal Service


  • 移民,
  • 商务与商业
  • 民事,
  • 商业和工作场所纠纷调解
  • 住房,
  • 就业和解协议,
  • 宣誓官服务



We provide the below legal services:

  • Immigration,
  • Business & Commercial,
  • Civil,
  • Commercial & Workplace Mediation,
  • Housing,
  • Employment Settlement Agreements,
  • Commissioners for Oaths

At Williams Hortor Law and Mediation, we focus on achieving practical outcomes for our clients, providing clear advice on how the law is likely to apply to your case, the potential risks, and what practical steps you may need to take to fulfil your legal obligations or to defend or establish your rights

Note: If Client does not speak English, client needs to provide an interpreter and translated documents.


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工作时间 Working Hours:

        周一至周五 (Monday -Friday):  10.00am – 5.00pm

律師行地址 Address:

        67, The Maltings, Roydon Road, Stanstead Abbotts, Ware, Herts SG12 8HG

律師行电话 Tel:

        01920 871 519

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