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Clyde Solicitors


法律服务专长 Legal Service


  • 移民与国籍法 –  法律援助与私人
  • 庇护与人权 – 法律援助与私人
  • 公法/司法审查 – 法律援助和终审法院(不胜诉不收费)
  • 人身伤害法(道路交通事故 RTA,工作场所事故,医疗过失等)– CFA(不胜诉不收费)
  • 家庭法
  • 劳工法
  • 住房和债务–法律援助 – 私人且不胜诉不收费(CFA)
  • 商业租赁 – 私人
  • 民事和商业诉讼 – 私人

我们不会说中文,但是我们可以安排法律援助(legal aid)案件的翻译和口译,法律援助机构将承担费用,而在私人事务中,客户将承担费用。


We provide the services in the following areas of Law.

  • Immigration & Nationality Law – Legal Aid & Private
  • Asylum & Human Rights Law – Legal Aid & Private
  • Public Law/Judicial Review – Legal Aid & CFA (no win no fee)
  • Personal Injury Law (Road Traffic Accident (RTA), Accident at Workplace, Medical Negligence etc – CFA (No Win No Fee)
  • Family Law
  • Employment Law
  • Housing & Debt – Legal Aid – Private and No Win No Fee (CFA)
  • Commercial Leases – Private
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation – Private

We can not speak Chinese or Mediterranean Languages however we can arrange translators and interpreters in Legal Aid Cases legal aid agency will pay the cost and in private matters client will be responsible for the cost.

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        周一至周五 (Monday -Friday):  10.00am – 5.00pm

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        50 Longbridge Road, Barking, IG11 8RT

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