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Croquetas Chinas egg rolls(1) 1.35
Alas Frita chicken wings(4) 3.85
Costillas De Cerdo Ahumado b.b.q spare ribs. boneless or rib tips(8) 9.15 (5) 5.55
Coctel De Camarones cocktail of shrimp(6) 7.55
Dumpling Frito O Al Vapor fried dumpling or steam(6) 4.85
Camarones Frito fried shrimp(8) 9.25
Calamares Frito fried squid 8.55
Vuelve La / Vida come back to life 9.55


Soups. Sm / Lg.

Sopa De Pollo chicken soup 4.35  2.25
Sopa De Wonton wonton soup 2.25  4.35
Sopa De Huevos egg drop soup 1.95  3.65
Sopa Agrio Y Picante hot & sour soup 3.15  5.55
Sopa China house special soup 3.15  5.55
Sopa De Marisco seafood soup 3.15  5.55
Sopa Wonton Especial special wonton soup 3.15  5.55
Sopa De Pescado Mariscos fish soup 3.15  5.55
Sopa De Camarones shrimp soup 5.25  9.55


Soupy Rice. Sm $3.15 / Lg $5.55.

Asopado De Camarones soupy with shrimp 9.55  5.25
Asopado De Mariscos soupy with seafood
Asopado De Carnes De Res soupy with beef
Asopado De Pollo soupy with chicken



Ensaladas De Lechuga Tomato lettuce and tomato salad 3.15
Ensaladas De Camarones shrimp salad 9.55
Ensaladas De Aguacate Y Lechuga avocado and lettuce salad 3.25
Ensaladas De Aguacate Mixed avocado mixed salad 5.55
Ensaladas De Pollo chicken salad 5.65

Platos Latinos

Latin Dishes.

Paella Marinera seafood paella special spanish
Paella Valenciana yellow rice
Arroz Con Langostas lobster in rice
Arroz Con Camarones shrimp in rice 9.55
Arroz Con Pollo chicken in rice 6.15
Arroz Con Calamares black rice with squid 6.15
Arroz Con Chorizo spanish sausage in rice 6.15


Seafood. Served With White Or Yellow Rice.

Calamares Enchilado squid with tomato sauce 9.15
O Guisado or in hot sauce 9.15
Camarones Al Ajillo shrimp with garlic and butter 9.55
Camarones Enchilados shrimp in hot sauce 9.55
Camarones Entomatados shrimp with tomato sauce 9.55
Langosta Enchilada lobster in hot sauce
Langosta Entomatada lobster in tomato sauce
Cazuela De Mariscos mixed seafood casserole


Seafood. Served With Salads And Fried Plantains Or French Fries.

Camarones Asado broiled shrimp 9.55
Camarones Empanizados breaded shrimp(5) 7.85
Langosta A La Parrilla broiled lobster
Pargo Fritos broiled snapper
Pescado Frito (Serrucho) fried king fish (sliced) 8.55
Filete De Pescado Asado broiled filet fish (flounder) 9.25
Mojarra Fritas fried mojarra 9.55

Carne De Res, Cerdo Y Pollo

Bisteck De Palomilla special steak 7.85
Filete De Pollo A La Parrilla grilled chicken breast 8.55
Pollo Fritos fried chicken(1/2) 6.85 (1/4) 4.95
Bisteck De Higado liver steak 6.85
Bisteck De Costilla shell steak 12.85
Chuletas Fritas pork chop(2) 7.85 (1) 5.15
Masita De Puerco fried pork meat 7.05
Chicharron De Pollo fried chicken crackling(4) 4.95 (8) 6.85
Chicharron De Pollo Sin Hueso fried boneless chicken cutlet 7.85
Bisteck De Jamon Con Pina ham steak with pineapple 7.25
Bisteck Con Champinones beef steak with mushroom 8.55
Bisteck Al Caballo steak with eggs 8.55
Mary Tierra surf and truf. beef steak, chicken. shrimp and pork chop 15.85

Comidas Chinas

Chinese Food. Sm / Lg. Fried Rice.

Arroz Frito De Carne Ahumada roast pork fried rice 6.25  3.85
Arroz Frito De Pollo chicken fried rice 6.25  3.85
Arroz Frito De Jamon ham fried rice 6.25  3.85
Arroz Frito De Vegetales vegetable fried rice 5.50  3.55
Arroz Frito De Langosta lobster fried rice
Arroz Frito De Res beef fried rice 6.25  3.85
Arroz Frito Camarones shrimp fried rice 7.25  4.25
Arroz Frito Especial De La Casa house special fried rice 7.25  4.25

Chop Suey & Chow Mein

Sm / Lg

Chop Suey De Pollo chicken chop suey 4.55  7.85
Chop Suey De Carne Ahumada roast pork chop suey 7.85  4.55
Chop Suey De Vegetales vegetables chop suey 6.25  3.85
Chop Suey De Camarones shrimp chop suey 9.55  5.25
Chop Suey De Carne De Res beef chop suey 7.85  4.55
Chop Suey Especial De La Casa house special chop suey 9.35  5.50
Chop Suey De Langosta lobster chop suey

Lo Mein

Sm / Lg. Soft Noodles.

Lo Mein Con Pollo chicken lo mein 7.25  4.55
Lo Mein Con Carne Ahumada roast pork lo mein 7.25  4.55
Lo Mein Con Camarones shrimp lo mein 9.55  5.25
Lo Mein Con Vegetales vegetables lo mein 6.25  4.15
Lo Mein Con Carne De Res beef lo mein 4.55  7.25
Lo Mein Con Langosta lobster lo mein
Lo Mein De La Casa house special lo mein 9.55  5.25

Chinese Food $6.25

Vegetarian Lite Menu. No Meat

Broccoli with garlic sauce
Broccoli And Bean Curd with garlic sauce
Vegetables Delight

Our Chef’s Suggestion $8.35

Orange Or Lemon Chicken
Sesame Chicken Or General Tso’s Chicken
Lo Mo Salteado
Chicken with pineapple
Beef Szechuan Style

Carne De Res, Cerdo O Pollo

Beef, Pork Or Chicken. Sm $4.55 / Lg $7.85

Carne De Res Con Pimentos pepper steak
Carne De Res Con Vegetables beef with chinese vegs
Carne De Res Con Salsa De Ostiones oyster sauce
Carne De Res Con Champions beef with mushrooms
Carne De Res Con Broccoli beef with broccoli
Carne De Res Con Fajitas Chino beef with bean sprouts
Carne De Res Con Salsa Curry beef with curry sauce



Camarones Con Broccoli shrimp with broccolilg 9.55 sm 5.25
Camarones Con Salsa De Langosta shrimp with lobster saucesm 5.25 lg 9.55
Camarones Con Vegs shrimp with vegetableslg 9.55 sm 5.25
Camarones Con Salsa Curry shrimp with curry saucelg 9.55 sm 5.25
Langosta Con Broccoli lobster with broccoli
Langosta Ala Cantonese lobster cantonese
Mojarra Al Vapor steamed mojarra
Pargo Rojo Al Vapor steamed red snapper

Egg Foo Young

Egg Foo Young De roast pork
Carne Ahumada egg foo young 7.25
Egg Foo Young De Pollo chicken egg foo young 7.25
Egg Foo Young De Camarones shrimp egg foo young 7.85
Egg Foo Young De Jamon ham egg foo young 7.25
Egg Foo Young De Vegetales vegetable egg foo young 6.25


Sweet & Sour

Puerco Agri Dulce sweet and sour pork 7.25
Pollo Agri Dulce sweet and sour chicken 7.25
Camarones Agri Dulce sweet and sour shrimp 9.55

Sizzling Platter

Happy Family 9.95
Squid In Black Beans Sauce 9.55
Fish Filet with vegetables 9.55
Chicken with black bean sauce with beef 8.25
Seafood Combination
House Special Combination 13.25

Lunch Menu $5.15

Boneless Chicken (4)
Sweet And Sour Chicken
Chicken Chow Mein
Chicken Lo Mein
Chicken Or Beef Broccoli
Beef Lo Mein
Steak With Onions
Pepper Steak
General Tso’s Chicken
Sesame Chicken
Spare Tips
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce (3)
Shrimp With Hot Sauce (3)
Shrimp Broccoli (3)
Chicken Stewed
Beef Stewed
Steam Or Sauteed Vegs
Plain Broccoli
Pork Egg Foo Young
Fried Pork Meat

Platos Combinados

1. Chicken Chow Mein, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.15
2. Shrimp Chow Mein, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.85
3. Pepper Steak, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.15
4. Roast Pork with chinese vegetable, plantains, fried rice 7.15
5. Shrimp with lobster sauce plantains, fried rice 7.85
6. B.B.Q, Spare Ribs, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.15
7. Beef Or Chicken, Chop Suey, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.15
8. Sweet And Sour Chicken Or Pork, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.15
9. Pork Or Chicken Egg Foo Young, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.15
10. Beef Or Chicken with broccoli, plantains, fried rice 7.15
11. Spare Ribs Tips, Salad, Fried Rice 7.15
12. Steak, Salad Or Plantains, Fried Rice 7.85
13. Roast Pork, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.15
14. Camarones, Empanizado (5), Plantains, Fried Rice 7.85
15. Fried Chicken, Plantains, Fried Rice1/4 4.95 1/2 6.85
16. Chicha Crones De Pollo, Plantains, Fried Rice(4) 4.95 (8) 6.85
17. Chicharrones De Pollo Sin Hueso, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.85
18. Masita De Cerdo Plantains, Fried Rice 7.15
19. Fried Pork Chop, Plantains, Fried Rice(1) 5.15 (2) 7.85
20. Fried King Fish, Plantains, Fried Rice 8.55
21. Bisteck De Higado 7.15
22. Fried Mojarra, Fried Rice 9.55
23. Fried Squid, Plantains, Fried Rice 8.15
24. A Las, Frita, Arroz, Frito 6.85
25. General Tso’s Chicken, Plantains, Fried Rice 7.15


Most Popular Latin Dishes. Served With White Rice & Beans.

Ropa Vieja shuddered beef 6.15
Carne Guisada beef stew 6.15
Rabo Guisado ox tail stew 8.15
Picadillo ground beef 6.15
Mondongo Guidado beef tripe stew 6.15
Pollo Guisado chicken stew 6.15
Higado Italiano liver with pepper 6.15
Chivo Guisado lamb stew 8.15
Pescado Guisado fish stew 9.15


Side Order

Arroz Blancos white rice 1.60
Arroz Amarillo yellow rice 1.60
Frijoles Rojos red beans 1.60
Papas Fritas french fries 2.25
Platones Maduros O Tostones fried plantains 2.25
Mofongo smashed plantains 4.85

Hours: Daily: 11am-11pm

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